Samswish Camps & Events

Kindness Camp


Barn Party - September 30th, 2023

The Samswish barn party is a fall party hosted in a comfortable, clean and temperature controlled barn. 

The night includes:

- Dinner

- Bar

- Live Music

- Wine Draws

- Silent Auction

- Easy transportation to and from the barn

And much more!

The purpose of the barn party is to raise money for the organization and to have people to get to know others and the purpose of Samswish.

Signups coming soon!


Kindness camps are a half-day camp for all age groups (camps vary)

Throughout the day, depending on weather and past camps. We may do any of the following:

- Pass out flowers at nursing homes or around Hamilton County

- Hand out waters or lemonade on the monon or busy sidewalks

- Provide free yard cleanups to low income homes (mowing, raking, edging, tree trimming etc)

- Buy and deliver groceries for low income family's with or without relatives with severe disabilities

- Cleanup trash in neighborhoods or around the county

And so much more!

What is included In the camp?

- Lunch (Jimmy Johns, McAlester's, Chick Fe La etc)

- Yearly new shirt

- hydration and snacks

- transportation

- adult supervisors to keep all kids safe and together